How Do You Get Rid Of Old Furniture You Don’t Want?

Furniture doesn't last forever, and you'll eventually need to get rid of it. However, furniture isn't your typical trash; you can't throw it away haphazardly. You can hold a garage or online sale. Alternatively, donate the furniture to charitable organizations. 

If you have got tons of old furniture and other items you need to dispose of, consider getting a dumpster for rent. Below is a dumpster rental and user guide.

Rent a Dumpster 

If you prefer to avoid the hassle of selling or donating old furniture, consider getting a dumpster for rent. It's perfect for people looking to clean out their homes. Reach out to local companies offering dumpsters for rent and inquire about prices, sizes, and delivery arrangements. 

Not all old furniture can be reused, recycled, or reupholstered. Some are too worn out, too old, too dusty, and smelly to be sold or donated. The only viable option is in a dumpster. 

Learn How to Use a Dumpster Rental

Don't throw your old furniture or appliances in someone else's dumpster. It'll be considered trespassing unless the individual has granted you access. If you have to use a dumpster to throw away furniture, get a dumpster for rent. 

Once you have got a dumpster, ask for the user guidelines, rules and restrictions. This information will ensure that you don't overfill the dumpster for rent or throw away toxic or hazardous materials. 

Start by tearing down the furniture for easy hauling and loading it into the dumpster. For example, if it's a couch, remove the cushions, upholstery, legs, and then the rest of the frame. You'll need tools like hammers, handsaw, box cutter, Allen wrench, screwdriver, and staple puller. 

Furniture disassembly can be time-consuming, but it makes it easier and more cost-effective to throw away. If you throw away the furniture without breaking them down, it will consume more space. You'll need more or large dumpsters to fit all your old furniture. 

Understand What You Can't Throw in the Dumpster 

Getting a dumpster for rent doesn't mean that you can dispose of everything in it. For example, you can't throw your old refrigerator together with your old furniture in the dumpster. Ask the rental company to provide guidelines and use restrictions. 

Figure Out How to Load Furniture in the Dumpster 

How much old furniture do you have? Do you intend to throw away more furniture or clean up your home? If yes, disassemble the furniture for easy loading. If you have got one or two old couches, you can load them into the dumpster without disassembling them, provided the dumpster is large enough.