Portable Restroom Tips

Providing restroom facilities for your guests can be an important step for making your event or project site a comfortable place for them to spend time. However, there are many individuals that will not consider all of the factors that could impact the results that their portable restroom rentals provide.

Provide Portable Restrooms That Are Handicap Accessible

Depending on the situation, you may find that it is both courteous and legally required for you to provide a handicap restroom. These restroom units will typically be larger than standard units, and they will have an access ramp that will make it easier for those with mobility problems to enter and exit the unit without a risk of falling or suffering other injuries. When positioning these units, you will want to be sure that they are clearly marked as being handicap accessible so that individuals will know which units to use.

Consider Whether Power Connections Will Be Needed

Many modern portable restrooms can provide a variety of comforts to make using them more enjoyable. In addition to interior lighting and running water, some of these units will also be equipped with air conditioning units to keep them a comfortable temperature. However, these features will require the unit to have a stable power connection in order to keep these items running. Planning ahead of time to provide the portable restroom with power from a generator or other system will be necessary if you are to take advantage of these features. While a generator is one of the more common options for providing these portable restrooms with power, some may have solar panels on the roof. This can allow them to be supplied with power while avoiding the need to install or operate generators.

Take Steps To Prevent And Manage Lines

If there are going to be a large number of people that will be using your portable restrooms, it will be necessary to invest some effort into preparing plans to handle the long lines that could form. In addition to causing those waiting in the lines to become frustrated, this could also lead to the line causing traffic problems for those that are attempting to pass through the area. When positioning the portable restrooms, you should clearly designate where the line for the units should begin. Depending on the expected weather conditions, you may also want to invest in a canopy or other cover for those that are waiting to use the facilities. This can avoid individuals needing to spend time waiting in the rain or intense sunlight in order to use the facilities.

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