Do You Need A Dumpster Permit?

If you rent a dumpster, then you may need to also get a special permit from your town or city. This is especially the case if you are renting a large dumpster like a roll-off bin. Here is more information about who needs a dumpster permit and the steps it takes to get one.

Reasons Why You Need a Permit

Many people who use a dumpster rental service do not need a permit. But you will need one if your situation involves one of the following circumstances.

You Plan to Place Your Dumpster on the Street

You must obtain a permit from the town or city if you plan to place your dumpster in a public street. This is the case even if you place it in the street right in front of your home, at a dead end, or cul-de-sac.

You Plan to Place Your Dumpster in an Alley

Just because you are not putting your dumpster on a public street or in front of your building doesn't mean you won't need a permit. You also need a permit if you plan on placing the dumpster in an alley or easement even if you own the adjoining properties.

You Plan to Place Your Dumpster in an HOA Property

If you are working in an area within a homeowner's association, then you must contact them for permission and permits. They may also have other restrictions about dumpster placement.

How to Obtain a Permit

You should be able to get a permit from your city or town's public use, streets division, land division, or related department. Some places only require a permit if you plan to park your dumpster for more than a certain number of days. You may also not need a permit if you only plan on putting it on the street for pickup and rolling it back the same day.

Consequences of Not Getting a Permit

If anyone complains about your dumpster, then you must have the permit on hand. Failure to get a permit could result in you or your business racking up fees and fines. On top of that, you may be forced to find a new place for your dumpster. If you don't comply with the rules, then, eventually, your dumpster could be impounded. This may mean a delay for your construction or cleanup project.

To avoid trouble, make sure you have all the required permits and fees before the company places your dumpster on or near your site. Sometimes, the dumpster rental company can help you with these permits, so ask them first. If you want to know more about dumpster rentals, ask a dumpster rental company for more information.